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Bonte Avond

a game studio of 4 musicians who make bizarre, funny and heartfelt games
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game in progress

Once Upon a Jester is a story-driven, musical adventure about two best friends who decide to start their own theater show: Jester and Sok. When a visiting princess tells them about the Royal Theatrical Spectacle — a theater festival reserved for only the best shows in the realm — Jester knows he must do whatever it takes to qualify.

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Once Upon a Jester
Everybody Wham Wham
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Everybody Wham Wham Logo

Compete to build the best snowman in a story-driven, winter adventure! Make friends at the festival, tune in to the Wham Wham Radio Station and uncover the hidden truth behind Wham Wham the Snowman-man. Can you build, decorate and sabotage your way to the festival grand prize?

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Join Tower Guy on his bizarre, comedic, and heartfelt adventure! 

“Tower Guy”, you ask? “Like a half man/half tower?”.

Why yes! Tower Guy is a short narrative adventure about a deserted half tower/half man. Alone in a world full of humans, he tries to find his way in life and learns what true friendship really means. Join Tower Guy and experience character-growth (literally) like you've never seen before.

...oh, and did we mention the game is filled to the brim with original indie music? That almost makes up for all the hardship Tower Guy has to endure. Almost...

Happy Halloween! 🎃

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Tower Guy Remastered

games made in a weekend

The Dragon of Terzaville Who Got His Neck Broken in a Weird Accident


A story driven musical game about a dragon, a princess and a prince who get entangled in each other's love lives.

Spew fire, sing songs, break a heart, break a leg, break a neck. All in one game.

Crash FM


Your friends are driving you home from the hospital and you have to tell them about the car-crash you saw in your vision. The only thing is, you can't talk. What now?


Crash FM is a short game in which you have to use songs and commercials from the radio to solve the problem.


All the music, songs, and sketches were written during a game jam in 1 weekend. 50% of the radio programs were improvised by us in Kyon's room.

Game made in a weekend
Digital Worlds


We're a bunch of indie musicians who started to make games to find worlds in which we write and perform original songs. Often half improvised, we try to go for first takes and leave imperfections in the recordings, thereby capturing a moment in time that cannot be recreated.

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We are Kyon Edelenbosch, Mark Lohmann, Matteo Karkazis & Mark Benis

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