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About Bonte Avond

We're a Dutch game studio made up of 4 musicians. We really like going with first ideas and put lots of homemade indie music in our games. Kyon's room is the place we meet up at to make music together, do lots of voice-acting and come up with weird and funny game ideas. We also try to be conscious of diversity in our games and hope that we can play a (small) part in improving acceptance and happiness in the world. We joke a lot in our games, but never at anyone's expense (except maybe our own).


Once Upon a Jester

Everybody Wham Wham

Tower Guy Remastered

Digital Worlds

Awards & Recognition

Everybody Wham Wham official selection for INDIGO '21

"Tower Guy won 1st place in GM48." - 2019

Selected Articles

Indie Spotlight - Everybody Wham Wham by Quit The Build

"Playing through their games is like listening to an album or amazing indie tunes. Also the characters and gameplay are all really charming. You should check them out."
- Happysquared, Twitter


Kyon Edelenbosch

Mark Lohmann

Matteo Karkazis

Mark Benis

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