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About Everybody Wham Wham

Everybody Wham Wham Steam_Logo.png

Compete to build the best snowman in a story-driven, winter adventure! Make friends at the festival, tune in to the Wham Wham Radio Station and uncover the hidden truth behind Wham Wham the Snowman-man. Can you build, decorate and sabotage your way to the festival grand prize?

Selected Articles

"Everybody Wham Wham is everything I love about lofi indie development."
- Mike Towndrow, Six One Indie

"Bonte Avond has that critical advantage of being able to present us with exactly what they wanted. With it's soothing gameplay and catchy soundtrack, Everybody Wham Wham is easily the biggest hidden gem I've come across this year, and I highly recommend checking it out on Steam."

- Nick DiBartolomeo, Quit The Build

"There are also a nice variety of songs in Everybody Wham Wham, and if you don’t find yourself singing the main theme after going through this festival, you’ve got a stronger will than I do."

- John Scott, Game Luster


Kyon Edelenbosch

Mark Lohmann

Matteo Karkazis

Mark Benis

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