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Staying connected with our audience and each other is more important than ever in 2021. A personalized multiplayer Digital World allows your fan base to interact with your community and attend your virtual events. Visitors can chat and walk around in a beautifully designed world based on your real-life location and brand


A livestreaming DJ in a venue full of dancing people, socializing and having a good time!

On other nights, there were bands, poets and even movies :)

  • A safe, online hosted world for you and your audience to interact with one another

  • A multiplayer world that can support hundreds of chatting users

  • Personalized environmental art and character designs based on your venue and specifications

  • Embed YouTube videos/playlists and live streams seamlessly into your Digital World

  • Make live announcements for your visitors to see

  • Complementary server hosting by us!

We take inspiration from your venue, festival or vision, to create the perfect environment.


Interested in having your own custom Digital World? 


Kyon Edelenbosch

Mark Lohmann

Matteo Karkazis

Mark Benis

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