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Just For Winners


C# G# Cm (verse)

C# G# Fm F# Fm D# (chorus)



I’m so happy that you came back from the

Snowy ground it felt so

Cold, is how I would describe my life if

We weren’t a band but


Now we’re back together

And we’re gonna sing

Sing about the contestant who think they’ll win

But you’ll only win if you

Are in a dream pop band


I couldn't stand being a bouncer

Oh i never felt so

Bored is how would describe my life if

We weren't in a band but


Now we're back together

And we'll sing our song

That pumpkin hat person

Still thinks that they've won

But you'll only win if you

Are in an amazing dream pop band like ours

Lyrics and music by Mark Lohmann, Kyon Edelenbosch, Matteo Karkazis & Mark Benis

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